DCU reverse plan to increase on-campus accommodation rent for the 2020/2021 academic year

Shauna Burdis

DCU has reversed its decision to implement a 4 per cent rent increase on campus accommodation for the 2020/2021 academic year, DCU Students’ Union announced.

DCUSU posted on their social media pages that the university will not proceed with the initially planned rent increase. The increase of 4 per cent would have meant that DCU’s on-campus accommodation would have been increased to the maximum amount legally allowed under rent legislation.

DCU Students’ Union posted that they welcome the decision by DCU to reverse the rent increase for the forthcoming year. They thanked “all members of the DCU community who engaged with us on this issue – those who attended our protest, those who signed our petition and those who supported all online engagement”.

They continued, “this issue was brought forward by students, for students and is proof that the student voice works and is so powerful”.

In February after The College View announced that DCU would implement the rent increase over three years, DCUSU held a protest outside of the U building on the Glasnevin campus in opposition of the increase.

The plan to increase rent was part of a major refurbishment programme by DCU, with the university investing €3.8 million on accommodation over the past three years, with another €1.8 million refurbishment programme set to take place.

Speaking at the strike in February, president of DCUSU Christine Farrell said: “What we will see is students no longer being able to come to college or to DCU in particular. DCU will just not be an option for them anymore.

“For them it won’t stand for somewhere that’s inclusive or somewhere that they can actually attend, because they just don’t seem to be caring for their students who can’t pay for their rent anymore.”

Several Irish universities announced a rent increase for the next academic year, with many of them increasing the rent by 4 per cent, the maximum amount they are legally allowed to do so.

Shauna Burdis

Image Credit: Sonja Tutty