The ancient art of Chakra Meditation

In our fast-paced lives we are constantly looking for new ways to slow down and incorporate more peace and stillness into our everyday routines. This may be through Yoga, Pilates or Chakra meditation.

Chakra means wheel or cycle and is a wheel like energy that connects the body to the soul. Chakras are concentrated energy centres of the body and are placed in seven different points of the spinal column. They are also connected to the various organs and glands through the body.

The point of chakra meditation is to create a wholeness and bring the spiritual and physical consciousness into harmony.

It is a Hindu tradition and ages back to 500BC, as it has been mentioned in ancient Vedic texts. Today however, most people are more familiar with external measures such as colour therapy, crystals, and herbs that are often used along with meditation.

There are seven chakras; Shasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhishthana, and Muladhara that all have a specific function to help achieve enlightenment.

To open the chakras and achieve enlightenment or self-actualization you have to be completely open to believing it works and changing your consciousness, which is not an easy thing to do.

Different chakra meditations can be focused on different things such as healing, relaxation and of course enlightenment.

Mr Sudhansh Verma, is the director of the Vedic Hindu Cultural Centre in Ireland and said that “the whole point of the chakras is to get complete salvation and to help you to enlighten yourself so that you achieve a peaceful blissful life.”

Hindus believe that they are souls in the human body in this existence and that they will be reincarnated until they achieve nirvana.

The chakra process and psychic energies can therefore help them do the right thing in life and reflect on it which can help them to reach nirvana.

Chakra meditation, however, is not as easy as it may sound. Mr. Verma said that in our busy life it can be hard to find the time and patience to do it right and that it’s hard because it has its own flow of energy and that it takes practice and patience to perform it right.

The mantras behind each chakra are also important. Man means mind and tra means tune, meaning that you must surrender yourself to the complete stable position where you’re focused on that particular modal point in your mind.

Meditation is when you’re completely surrendering yourself to that tune and help it manage your mind.

If you are thinking of trying chakra meditation the most important thing is to educate yourself before doing it.

Mr. Verma said that a lot of people pretend to know what they’re doing for money and suggest that you can open chakras within 30 days just to get people to sign up. Finding a competent guru or healer is key.

If you don’t take it as a slow process and don’t do the theory before the practical, it can affect you negatively or leave you with no results.

So, if you are thinking of trying chakra meditation the most important thing is to know what and why you’re doing it and find someone experienced.

Kinga Piotrowska

Image Credit: Flickr