Irish sporting groups respond to new government restrictions

The GAA, IRFU and Basketball Ireland respond to the new restrictions introduced by the government in relation to Covid-19.

The new restrictions introduced on the 18th of August only permit 15 people to meet outdoors in comparison to 200 in previous guidelines.

Along with the limit on gathering outdoors sporting events and matches are now to take place behind close doors with no spectators allowed. These new restrictions are in place until the 13th of September.

In a statement on their website, the GAA said “following this evening’s unexpected announcement the GAA invites Dr Ronan Glynn and NPHET to present the empirical evidence which informed the requirement for the Association to curtail its activities.”

“The association will tonight be issuing an invitation to Dr Glynn to meet with this Covid Advisory Grop in this regard without delay. The GAA and its members remain at all times committed to protecting public health.”

The Irish rugby football rugby union (IRFU) released a statement on their website with recommendations for clubs on the updated government restrictions.

The IRFU said, “the new restrictions pose serious challenges- particularly in relation to training numbers.”

They continued by saying “However, it is paramount that the rugby community continues to demonstrate safe and responsible behaviours for ourselves and for society.”

The IRFU has asked its members if they feel unwell to not attend the club, to travel alone to training or with members from the same household, use the COVID tracking app, wear face-covering where appropriate, observe and travel restrictions and should limit the size of training groups in line with public health.

In a statement made on their website Basketball Ireland has said that the new restrictions are confusing when viewed from a sports perspective and are hoping to receive clarification.

“The current government text makes no specific mention of indoor training, merely “limits of 6 apply to exercise and dance classes” and Basketball Ireland is awaiting clarification. Once this has been provided we will also be seeking out what exceptions, if any, will be made for elite-level basketball at international and National League level” said Basketball Ireland.

They continued by saying “We await for clear guidelines to be given to Sport Ireland and subsequently passed on to National Governing Bodies. We shall then immediately inform our clubs as to the updated protocols. Clubs should avoid organising training sessions of more than 6 people until this clarification is received.”

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