Nearly 500 offers made to leaving cert students today

Niamh Quinlan

Round 4 offers released today.

Today, a total of 485 offers were given to Leaving Certificate students in Round 4 of CAO offers for courses in higher education institutes.

Of those offers, 422 were for Level 8 courses and 75 for Level 6 or Level 7. The CAO made a grand total of 922 offers to 886 applicants, as some received more than one offer.

The Round 4 offers came after last week, when it was found that a third coding error occurred following the first ever set of predicted grades for the Leaving Certificate. This review promised amended grades to the 6,100 students who were affected by the coding error.

The predictive model was designed to take into account the student’s grades from Irish, English, Maths and their two strongest subjects. An error occurred when the coding drew in the two weakest subjects as opposed to the two strongest.

A second error occurred when CSPE subject was included in calculations.

This third error was found when the Minister for Education commissioned an independent investigation by the Education Testing Services (ETS).

The ETS found that the errors occurred when Student who did not take one of the core subjects of English Irish or maths, the average score was meant to be taken from past State Exam Results. Instead, the score was filled in by one of the students weaker two subjects.

Of the new offers made today, students have until 3 pm, Tuesday 13 to accept these new offers if they wish to do so.

Niamh Quinlan

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