Helpful tips for online learning

Lauren Allen

Online learning is becoming the “new normal” for students across the country as they start a new academic year.  

It’s important that we try to create a healthy and balanced college work life for ourselves. This can be as simple as getting some fresh air in the day to starting your morning the right way with a healthy breakfast.

An early start and exercise: take advantage of the mornings you used to spend on a train, bus or car and go for a walk or a run. This will give you more energy and set you up with a clear head for the day of online learning ahead.

Create a study space: when it comes to online learning it is important to separate college work from your home life. Therefore creating a work space that you can comfortably join zoom calls and get assignments done at is essential. This will make switching off in the evenings much easier.

Buy a planner: a planner is essential when it comes to online learning. A place where you can keep track of your zoom classes and assignments will make your life easier and give you a sense of that on campus structure that is missing this year. A planner will also give you a sense of responsibility as you can clearly see when you are meant to be doing college work and when you have some free time.

Keep in contact with your friends: keeping in contact with friends and others in your course is so important during these times. Sitting in a room looking into a laptop for hours in a day can be both daunting and draining all at once. Make sure you check in with your friends to see how they are getting on and talk to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed with this new way of learning.

Take appropriate breaks: if you were on campus it is likely that you would take a break to grab a coffee or some lunch with friends, it is important to continue this routine at home. Don’t get into the habit of working through your break, take a break away from your screen and maybe try and get some fresh air to give you some energy for your afternoon classes.

Take advantage of online learning: many of us no longer have to spend an hour or two on public transport during the day. This means we should have some extra time. Try and get involved in some clubs and societies in college or take on a new hobby.

For the moment college life is very different. However, there are many opportunities to make online learning beneficial and achievable for everyone. We can all fall into a trap of forgetting we have college because there is no on campus learning or in reverse spending too much time on college work because we are at our desks all day. Finding a balance is the solution to a successful and happy college year.

Lauren Allen

Image Credit: Visuals on Unsplash