Universities tell Leaving Cert students there may not be places available this academic year

Shauna Ledwidge

Universities have told students they may not have the capacity to accommodate all those affected by errors made in the Leaving Cert results 

The president of the University of Limerick, Professor Kerstin Mey said there may not be places available to every student impacted by the result errors and while every effort was being made to accommodate those students it, “may not be possible to accommodate everyone.”

Technological University President,  Professor David Fitzpatrick said students who want to do courses which have mandatory work placement such as the health and education sectors will face the most challenges.

Communication between those providing work and students was “urgently required,” he said.

Mr. Fitzpatrick said the university was working alongside the Department of Further and Higher Education to ensure students will  be accommodated for the course of their choice “as fully as possible.”

Around 6,500 students received lower grades than expected in their Leaving Cert results.

On Sunday the Department of Education confirmed that about 7,943 grades were higher than they were supposed to be.

There are concerns over the impact this will have on CAO offers and how many students may have lost out on a college place as they were competing with others who were given incorrect grades.

The Minister for Education Norma Foley said some Leaving Cert students may have to defer going to college until next year if they get an offer for a different course due to their initial Leaving Cert results being affected by the calculated grading error.

Ms. Foley told the Dail that it will be her “absolute commitment” to ensure as many students as possible who were downgraded will get an offer for this academic year.

She also said there will be sanctions for the Polymetrika International contract, the private company that developed the code for the calculated grades.

Shauna Ledwidge

Image Credit: Flickr