No more sleeping on Pillow Queens

Georgia Fenlon

Indie-rock four-piece Pillow Queens have released their debut album, ‘In Waiting’. A compilation of comments on modern society expressed through rather substandard lyrics that are rescued by appealing melodies and gorgeous vocals.

Lustful slow rocker ‘Holy Show’ builds up gently until it reaches a beautifully constructed climax that proves its worth as the opening track, highlighted by resonant guitar.

“If you remember a thing about it, tell me that it’s not bad, why’d I even say that?” The lyrics, although rather uninspiring, set a conversational tone that complements the emotive melody that is reminiscent of artists such as Alanis Morissette and Dolores O’Riordan.

‘Handsome Wife’ is a refreshing ode to a community filled with catchy, grunge-leading riffs that sounds like it has been sampled straight from an early 2000’s teen movie. Vocals shine through on this track with flowing harmonies, accentuated by Pamela Connolly’s gritty tone.

The meaning of the song is identified by listening to the lyrics, which are thought-provoking and some of the best on the album. “I may not be the wife you want, but I’m pregnant with the virgin tongue”. The use of religious connotations juxtaposes the crux of the song.

The quartet does not shy away from pressing matters, as the track ‘Gay Girls’ explores the line between religion and homosexuality.

Vocalist Pamela Connolly sounds almost as if she is pleading with the Virgin Mary in the chorus “Marie, Marie, Maria, tell me where to find you when I lose my way”.

A choir joins in on the chorus as the song fades to finish, adding a crescendo quality that acts as an exclamation point to the song’s message.

The album closes with ‘Donaghmede’ which is slow to start but eventually climbs to a compelling peak, including some invigorating guitar effects that highlight the rousing feeling of the song. Vocals also shine through on this song as Connolly shows off her stunning range.

It has a stadium-quality to it. “I feel so safe in the warm embrace of the northern bay” is belted out almost triumphantly as the album draws to a close.

‘In Waiting’ is a collection of conversations that Pillow Queens communicate through their own passionate and heavy sound. The album is overall a welcome addition to the Irish music scene.

Georgia Fenlon

Image Credit: Pillow Queens Facebook