Socially distant but not disconnected

Alanna Cunnane

Amidst the chaos that is the uncertainty of the lockdown debate between the Government and NPHET, perhaps the only thing worse than the looming fact of being forced to stay within 5km of your home is the dreaded thought of the return of the exhausted Zoom Quizzes.

Although it wouldn’t be possible to meet up with loved ones during quarantine, being socially distant doesn’t mean you have to be socially disconnected.

Studies have shown that having supportive relationships (whether platonic or romantic) have a long term impact on not only your mental health, but also your physical wellbeing.

According to Harvard Health, such interactions promote a stronger immune system, a better functioning cardiovascular system and will even help you live longer.

Evidently, in this global pandemic, personal health has come sharply into focus and so for everyone’s benefit it is essential to keep in touch with our nearest and dearest.

With Halloween approaching, the spooky idea of having to face slide after slide of questions such as “Which team won the first All-Ireland football final?”, down to “What’s my favourite colour?” have everyone dreading the coming dull weeks, but there are plenty of alternatives to help you stay in touch with friends and family during these uncertain times.

No matter what one’s interest is, there are many options to explore from the comfort of your bedroom. If history’s your thing, why not take a virtual tour of the National Museum of Ireland while discussing with friends over the phone?

Or on a more relaxed level, visit the National Gallery of Ireland or Dublin Zoo through your computer, while Facetiming your brother or sister?

You can even set up a book club and talk about the latest publication’s faults and triumphs over WhatsApp, or create a shared playlist on Spotify and enjoy listening to some tunes together while separate.

Netflix even has a “party” feature where you can relish the viral movies and series of the week simultaneously with whomever you choose. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, as long as you are doing something you enjoy and keeping your brain engaged.

Author: Alanna Cunnane

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons