Sport Ireland receives an increase of €36 million in Budget 2021

Tara McGahan

Sport Ireland has welcomed the significant increase in funding in Budget 2021.

The Government has announced that Sport Ireland will be allocated an increase of €36 million. This means that sport has been allocated a combined total of €104.5 million in the recent budget.

Covid-19 has had a heavy impact on the sports sector and this funding will promote participation in sports and aim towards a healthier, more active society.

Funding support for Sport Ireland programmes has been increased by €26.29 million. This funding will enable Sport Ireland to support the sports sector next year.

This funding will enable high-performance sports to reach their potential at the postponed Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which are planned to take place in 2021.

There has been an increased core grant to support and sustain sporting bodies in the uncertain months that lay ahead. There is also an increase in funding for innovative online resources, which have potential and have already succeeded so far this year.

According to an article published on, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, John Treacy said “The certainty provided by this funding allocation is welcomed by funded bodies and athletes alike.

It will bring stability and continuity to high-performance programmes while providing vital support to Irish athletes in their qualification, preparation and performance at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will hopefully proceed in 2021.”

It was also announced that there will be a €2 million increase in Dormant Accounts funding for sport, bringing the total allocation to €10 million. This will promote the participation of sport through innovative projects in hard to reach areas.

Funding has also been allocated for a new sports capital programme which will open in the near future.

The Government has also committed to the ongoing development of the Sport Ireland Campus in Blanchardstown. This will ensure world-class facilities for athletes. €9.7 million has been allocated to the next stage of developing the campus.

The €36 million increase for Sport Ireland has been greatly welcomed following tough circumstances for sport in recent months.

This funding will aim to create a positive future for the development of sport in Ireland and the progression of sporting teams in order to reach their potential while representing the country.

Tara McGahan

Image Credit: RTE