Balancing nursing and football – Kate Mooney takes it in her stride

Leona Kenny

DCU student and Shelbourne star Kate Mooney achieved the goal of a lifetime earlier this year – scoring 30 goals, in just 7 games.

Despite the feat, Mooney remains modest and open about her talent. Talking to The College View,  she said it simply came down to tactics.

“I remembered what the coaches said about taking a touch and aiming for a goal, no matter where you are on the pitch. That always stood to me. I know the type of player I am, and luckily that showed in those games.”

The striker also explained how playing with DCU has helped her become the player she is today.

“Without DCU, I wouldn’t have as much confidence as I do now. I’m able to bring that on a bigger stage to Shels, and that’s a big achievement for me”.

No univeristy football at present means Mooney can focus on playing with Shelbourne and her studies, as a second year nursing student. It seems tough to manage it all, but she makes it work.

“At the moment, we have two games left in the league. Two wins will mean a chance at playing in Champions League, which is a massive goal for us.”

“I am hoping to get those games out of the way so I can focus on college, as I will be going on placement soon.

“This means I will be working in the hospital from 7am to 7pm, and going to training from 8 to 9. It is tough, I will be tired but I just have to do it.””

Mooney isn’t solely focused on her present games and career,  setting her sights set on a much bigger goal – playing for Ireland.

After numerous appearances underage and now getting closer to becoming a prominent key player for the North Dublin side, this is something very much in her reach.

“It would genuinely be a dream come true to play for the Ireland team at one stage. It would take a lot of hard work, but it’s possible. I never miss training, I do a lot of work outside of that so on the fitness sense I think I would be okay.””

She did say it takes a lot of mental stamina to perform at an elected level, let alone a national arena. But it can be overcome.

“A loss or conceded goal can really get to me, like with any good player. It’s easy to blame yourself when things don’t go right. To okay for Ireland, you would really have to be strong in that sense.

“But with anything, you just have to shake yourself off and go again. You can rise above any challenge if you give yourself the chance.”

With two games left in the National League, nursing placements and also buckets of determination, there is no doubt we will see Mooney don the green jersey in years to come.

Leona Kenny

Image Credit: Kate Mooney