Will it be 5 seconds of success for Ashton Irwin?

Ruth Delaney

The 5 Seconds of Summer drummer released his debut solo album “Superbloom” at the end of October, but can he follow the success of other singers who have done the same?

The four member Australian boyband burst onto the scene in late 2011 and have since become one of Australia’s biggest musical success stories. They have sold over 10 million albums and their song streams surpass an impressive 7 billion.

Following in the footsteps of many previous boyband members, drummer Ashton Irwin decided to take the leap and release a solo project. He announced his debut solo album, “Superbloom” would be released on the 23rd of October. It is natural for band members to go out on their own, but does the risk always pay off?

Justin Timberlake established himself as a solo artist almost immediately following NSYNC’s hiatus in 2002 and is now a ten-time Grammy award winner. Robbie Williams also enjoyed major solo success following his departure from Take That in 1995. He earned a place in the Guinness book of world records for selling 1.6 million tickets of his 2006 ‘Close Encounters’ tour in a single day.

In more recent years, all five previous members of One Direction have gained further success as solo artists. More notably, Forbes named Harry Styles the most successful member in the U.K. When looking at hit singles, Harry has earned himself an impressive four top ten hits in comparison to the rest of the band.

Can Ashton establish himself in a similar way? The band are still together, so could his involvement in 5 Seconds of Summer possibly hold his solo project back? He was vocal that this should not be the case: “It brings me the greatest joy of all that I am in a band that allows me to create freely inside and outside of it,” he tweeted.

As for the album itself, it has received good feedback so far and there is no reason why Irwin’s gamble should not pay off. Staying close to his pop-rock roots, “Have U Found What Ur Looking For?” is a powerful earworm, along with a message to his family in “SCAR,” solidifying his reputation as a musician in his own right.

The albums first single, “Skinny Skinny,” explores body dysmorphia and he regards this topic as something he has “never confronted in a creative form” until now. “We must fight against a common darkness that shadows our ability to live truthfully…and without self destruction and love ourselves for what we are.”

By exploring these raw themes, Ashton is proving that not only is he hard working, but that he can deliver a strong message while expanding his musical experience. His fans certainly have his back, as #Superbloom trended on twitter shortly after his announcement. On Spotify, Irwin already has almost 400,000 monthly listeners to his name. Superbloom is now available on all major music streaming services.

Ruth Delaney

Image Credit: 5SOS