What the 14.4 per cent gender pay gap means for women

Carenza Rock

This year the Equal Pay Day falls on the 9th of November meaning women in Ireland are effectively working for free from this date due to the 14.4 per cent gender pay gap

For the last 52 days of the year, women are effectively working for free in comparison to their male colleagues.

The WorkEqual campaign was established in 2016 and aims to raise awareness of workplace gender inequalities, and develop a solution to address these.

Speaking about the launch of this year’s campaign, founder of the WorkEqual campaign Sonya Lennon said: “Gender inequality is not a challenge for Ireland alone. It’s an issue that countries worldwide are grappling with. We have lots to learn from countries that have shown leadership and innovation in promoting gender equality in the workplace.

“This year, as a physical conference is not feasible, we’re running a series of online panel discussions and using the opportunity presented by moving online to broaden the global reach of the campaign” Lennon said.

On Equal Payday, the campaign released a video featuring over 20 Oireachtas members and the Lord Mayor of Dublin speaking about gender equality. The video included representatives from Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, the Green Party, the Labour Party, the Social Democrats, Sinn Fein and Solidarity-People Before Profit.

The video gained a lot of attraction on social media with over 3,000 views in 24 hours. Along with the video becoming popular on social media, #WorkEqual and #EqualPayDay were trending in Ireland.

This month the campaign is running a series of online events and awareness-raising activities focused on gender equality in the workplace.

Among these events is the ‘Solution Series’ which is a series of online panel discussions taking place in November 2020. The Solution Series is a whole of society approach to progressing gender equality.

The series has held three of these online discussions with two more scheduled for this month. The two remaining discussions are ‘How the value placed caring contributes to gender equality at work’ on the 19th, and ‘How can we address women underrepresentation in positions of leadership- at work and in wider society’ on the 26th of November’.

Anyone with an interest in gender equality can participate in these discussions, and you can register online at the WorkEqual website.

Another part of the WorkEqual campaign is the WorkEqual Oireachtas All-Party Group, who have convened their first meeting of the Oireachtas term. Sonya Lennon and Angela Smith, CEO of Dress for Success, attended the meeting alongside a truly cross-party of TDs and senators.

Author: Carenza Rock

Image Credit: UnSpalsh