Enter Stage Left, Princess Diana in The Crown

Kayley Hardiman

As possibly one of Netflix’s best original shows, it was hugely exciting to tune in for the latest season of The Crown. Having seen the previous 3 seasons we knew exactly what to expect but it was intriguing to see how the addition of Princess Diana played by Emma Corrin would work out on screen.

The season starts off with Charles and the rest of the Royal Family looking to secure a romantic match for him and to secure the future of the crown. Then enters a young Diana Spencer who Charles meets while courting Diana’s older sister Sarah.

Corrin is the perfect casting for Diana and is spot on with her depiction of her. Her shyness, awkwardness and intense admiration for Charles are clear from the start.

It’s interesting how Diana is depicted as being the perfect wife for Charles and is accepted into the royal family. But, of course, we know this didn’t last long.

Adding Diana’s character to the story adds an extra element of drama and suspense much like what existed in reality, when Diana refused to conform to royal protocol by becoming a humanitarian and charity advocate. Diana’s immediate appeal and adoration by the public becomes an issue for other young royals and members of the royal circle like Princess Anne and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

In The Crown, we observe Diana’s struggles behind the scenes such as Charles’ apparent infidelity, her eating disorder, loneliness and isolation as a result of feeling frozen out by the Windsors.

It is fascinating to see her personal issues play out on screen as we have heard about them before from royal insiders without knowing how accurate they were.

Although a Princess, Diana had many struggles which is one of the major reasons for her eternal popularity and lasting legacy 23 years after her death. She was very relatable as a result and this makes her character fascinating to watch.

In Ireland, we obviously don’t have our own monarchy and for the most part don’t identify with the royal family but Diana is different. Her appeal is global partly due to her stellar charity work which William and Harry continue to this day.

Watching The Crown enables you to pretty much watch the history of 20thcentury Britain play out on screen and part of that appeal is definitely the controversial yet much loved ‘People’s Princess.’

Corrin is perhaps the first actress to convey Diana’s character as accurately as we remember the Princess and I think that’s what makes season 4 a must watch.

Season 4 of The Crown is now streaming on Netflix.

Kayley Hardiman

Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi, Flickr