Trump was always going to be a sore loser

Kathleen Keane

The eyes of the world have been glued to Donald Trump’s high-profile presidency since 2016. Many have watched in disbelief at his callous actions, rarely seen in any president of the United States before him.

When Trump first cast doubt on the legitimacy of the mail-in ballot system, the election was off to a rocky start. It was fair to assume that Trump would concede with all the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck without tyres.

The evidence for Trump’s inevitable reaction to losing this election dates back to April of this year. In a press briefing in the White House, speaking about the mail-in voting system he said “thousands of votes are gathered and they are dumped in a location and all of a sudden you lose elections that you think you are going to win”.

Trump’s failure to accept or acknowledge democratic victory dates back to Barrack Obama in 2012. Following the election of Obama, Trump said it was a “travesty” and a “total sham”. He urged the American public to march on Washington claiming that the nation was divided and they must not back down without a fight.

Over the course of the last eight months, he has repeatedly stated that he would refuse to commit to a peaceful transition of power. He has claimed on numerous occasions that he could only lose in the event of a rigged election.

With the large increase in postal votes and delays in results, it gave Trump the leverage he needed to declare that election results cannot be trusted.

Trump has been quite vocal in diminishing the integrity of the democratic process in the United States if they don’t go his way. He has been using scare mongering tactics throughout the 2020 campaign to discredit the democrats and spark outrage among republicans.

Despite his fraudulent claims throughout his presidency, he has 88.9 million followers on Twitter. He has created an army of republican minions. Through propaganda-like speech, completely lacking in evidence, he has spoken of the ill intentions of the democratic party.

As a political figure, he is a narcissist and egotistical. Through his personality traits alone, one could see that Trump would not back down easy in the event of a Biden presidency. It has to be acknowledged, he was never a president that was known for honest and factual speech without a vendetta.

Trump’s response to Biden’s victory came as no surprise to the world. It has been clear since the beginning of the debates between the two presidential candidates, Biden would have accepted a Trump win and retreated with grace.

In contrast, Trump’s unwavering self- belief and ego wouldn’t allow him to depart in such a manner. This week, he finally acknowledged that Biden won. But he refuses to concede because “the election was rigged”.

Kathleen Keane

Image Credit: Library of Congress on Unsplash