The student handbook to a Christmas hamper

Jessica Woodlock

Despite the festivities and happiness that Christmas can bring, there is no doubt that it is a stressful time for students. 

Assignments are due, exams are looming and the last thing you want to do is spend what little money you have on mounds of Christmas presents. The best solution to this? A homemade Christmas hamper.

The beauty of a hamper is that you can achieve lots in one spend – chris kindle sorted, housemates gifts sorted and that present for your godparent whom you never see sorted. Even just the extra thought that goes into a hamper adds to the present.

They don’t need to be expensive Charlotte Tilbury magic vault type hampers either. A good one is more than achievable with €20 and a little bit of creativity.

For the actual hamper itself you obviously need a box. Shops like Mr. Price and Euro Giant do these for a relatively cheap price, but you can also make use of some of the boxes from those black Friday purchases – just wrap an old box in wrapping paper and you have yourself a cute Christmas base.

The trick is to not keep the lid on the box, you want to be able to see all the goodies inside, so wrapping it with some clear paper (only a few euro in most stores) is a must. For the ‘stuffing’ as such, simply rip up some old newspapers or magazines and the job is done.

What is actually inside the hamper is of course, the important part. For a fellow student a few great things to add are – relatively cheap alcohol ( Jack Slats anyone?), a cook book ( for those students that live out of SanSab) and a cute framed photo to spice up someone’s digs (frames go for as little as €1 in charity shops).

For the other bits and pieces it is so important for you to be shopping local. There’s a somewhat fabricated myth out there that Irish goods are expensive, but this is not the case at all.

There is a plethora of great Irish stores online with plenty of little presents to add to your hamper. Try which sell fun socks for as little as €4.95, with five per cent of profits going to charity. For some Irish prints, try ( these are so popular at the moment and they go for as little as €7).

On the beauty side some tan always goes down a treat. Another great resource is – an online charity shop which has everything from books to clothes to Xbox games.

A  great option this Christmas and one that students should jump upon is supporting their fellow peers. There are countless DCU students out there who have music pages with CD’s ready to go and art pages with hand-crafted presents ready to be bought.

With the uncertain times, supporting your fellow students will not go unnoticed and there is nothing better than a homemade, Irish gift in your personalised hamper.

Author: Jessica Woodlock

Image Credit: Unplash: shawneewillborn