Will people be able to continue working from home post Covid-19?

Aoife Breslin

Since March millions of people around the world have been remotely working from home due to Covid-19.

Working in an office will potentially never be the same again for many. However, is it even necessary for people to return to their workplace post Covid-19 or will working from home become normalized?

During this global pandemic, for many the world of work has been adjusted to their home offices or kitchen tables, leaving thousands of office buildings in Ireland left vacant as Covid-19 halts in improvement.

It is difficult to know if people will return to their office jobs as working from home seems to be as effective as working in an office. Will businesses be able to break down the amount of office space to nearly half in order to run their business effectively?

Working from home can be looked at as a positive and a negative. People with families are saving money on babysitting, allowing for more quality time with their loved ones and do not have to commute to and from work which is ultimately better for the environment.

In contrast to this, people may be living alone with little to no human interaction from day to day, this may affect one’s mental health. Also, it can be difficult to motivate yourself when working from home as you are surrounded by distractions.

How can we keep both those wishing to return to the office and those who want to continue working from home happy? I think that the best solution is to split the working week, allowing people to work from home half of the week and the other half they will have to work from their workplace.

In a research survey from AIB/Amarach, it found that 80 per cent of people want to continue working from home. This global pandemic has allowed our nation to rediscover the way in which we work and how businesses are run. It shows us that this new hybrid way of working can be as effective as being physically in the workplace.

With the majority of people not wanting to return to the office, if the correct technology is supplied to workers, businesses will save money on office space whilst also achieving their goals.

With commuters gaining back an hour or two of their average working day, they will have more time and energy to put into their job, which will ultimately benefit employers.

With both options having positives and negatives, if businesses decide to work partially from their offices, they will receive the benefits of both less expenses for the business and also keeping all their workers happy.

With this in mind, the trust employers must put into their employees and to technological systems is immense as no correct supervision can be put in place whilst people are working from home.

Aoife Breslin

Image Credit: Px Fuel