NuBar stays positive in spite of uncertainty around hospitality industry

Niamh Quinlan

NuBar is staying optimistic despite recent announcements that pubs and restaurants are to remain closed for several more months.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said last week that the public should not expect hospitality establishments to be open until a “critical mass” of the population has been vaccinated. However, NuBar is sure that “better days will come.”

“We will hang in there and keep trying new ideas and changes to keep it going as best we can,” said the DCU establishment. “All we can do is keep the chin up and carry on.”

They said that the worst aspect of the extended closure, however, has been “all the stop/start” and “the unknown as it could be May, could be June, etc! It’s all up in the air.”

“Takeaways aren’t so much sufficient [from] a business point of view, but are our saving grace from a mental health point view. [It] gives us purpose and something to get up for and get out.”

NuBar was able to seat people outside at the beginning of the semester. However, restrictions amped up and Level 5 covered most of Semester 1.

Pubs were allowed to reopen for a short period of time from December 1, but again had to close by 3pm on Christmas Eve due to rising Covid-19 cases. These restrictions have remained in place since then.

NuBar thanked their loyal staff who have stuck by the bar in these times of uncertainty. “Staff are like everyone in the whole country: getting drained by the whole thing [of] the unknown, when will we open etc., etc… But they have been troopers they really have they turn up every day smile and all try to think new ideas as much as us all!”

With vaccines being rolled out and cases declining again, NuBar said just to say they’re looking forward to reopening is “a bit of an understatement.”

“We sure do miss the crowds, we miss the crack and banter with all the students [because] we are blessed with the students we have in DCU.”

The bar also hopes to be playing ‘Breaking Free’ as soon as the opportunity arises. “Shite Nite, when is does come back, will be better than ever before.”

Niamh Quinlan

Image Credit: NuBar Facebook