Amy Bourke, Danail Tsanov and Harish Narayanan – Candidates for Engineering and Computing Faculty Rep

Robert Nielsen

Pictured left to right: Amy Bourke, Danail Tsanov and Harish Narayanan

There are three candidates for the role of Engineering and Computing Faculty Rep representing a wide range of backgrounds and ideas. 

Amy Bourke is a second year biomedical engineering student from Tipperary and is running because: “I just want to make a difference really.”

She initially hadn’t considered running but “when I became class rep, I realised that I really like representing people, I like going to lecturers and hounding them on behalf of people,” she said.

Her main priority is to improve the employability of graduates and organise events with potential employers. She wants to raise awareness among women about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

“Something I want to bring in, is to go around to all-girls secondary schools, and give talks to encourage more women in STEM because I just think it’s really important,” said Bourke.

She thinks people should vote for her because of her experience and “I don’t tend to give up.”

“I think that out of all the candidates, the policies that I’ll bring in are the most likely to last and bring about real lasting change,” said Bourke.

Danail Tsanov is a second year biomedical engineering student from Bulgaria, who is running to help people struggling under lockdown.

He is the only candidate who has not been a class rep but he doesn’t believe this lack of experience will hold him back. “I’m a quick learner,” he says.

Tsanov’s biggest plan is to host a major party for all of DCU, “once of course corona is no more and it’s safe”, as well as workshops on personal development and study skills.

He also wants to start a faculty podcast where “students, professors, postgrads even company representatives pitch in and discuss topics that the students themselves will choose,” explained Tsanov.

Harish Narayanan is a second year computers application student from Finglas, who decided to run because he “wanted to make a serious change and impact in the faculty.”

He says he was inspired to run when “I realised that I can do so much as a class rep to both increase the well-being and make the mental health of students better, so I thought that if I could do that for the class, I can also do it for the faculty.”

His main priority is to create an online system that would let students know when their deadlines are due.

He wants to build a bridge between students and lecturers and also cross the divide between engineering and computing, noting that although it is one faculty, students don’t often mix.

Narayanan wants to help students and class reps connect with existing supports because sometimes class reps don’t know or aren’t active enough.

“The support is there, the resources are out there, the key is, can every access it and does everyone know about it,” said Narayanan.

His campaign includes a four point slogan of his priorities – “CESO: Change, Equality, Support and Opportunity”.

Voting for DCUSU elections takes place on March 24th and 25th, information on all candidates can be found at

Robert Nielsen

Images Credit: Lead DCUSU