Excitement as St. Vincent announces new album

Andrew Walsh

St. Vincent has announced a new album, with the release date recently confirmed in May.

Images of poster advertisements teasing a new studio album titled Daddy’s Home recently surfaced on Reddit and social media, which feature St. Vincent herself, Annie Clark, posing in a 70’s style music promo.

The posters suggest that the album will be released on the 14th of May. Clark later shared an image of the poster on Twitter but did not confirm the release date.

Clark had previously announced the new album in December in a tweet, saying “The rumors are true. New record “locked and loaded” for 2021. Can’t wait for you to hear it.”

Clark had also hinted in an interview with MOJO Magazine that her new album would be a “tectonic shift” in style and that she felt she had gone as far as she could with “angularity”.

Her new music will apparently call back to familiar 70’s artists that Clark herself used to listen to, such as Stevie Wonder and Sly and the Family Stone.

The new album cannot come soon enough, as fans have been eagerly waiting for new music from the talented indie rock artist since 2017.

Clark has been busy since her last album, MASSEDUCATION, was released more than 3 years ago. Clark’s directorial debut, Nowhere Inn, premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2020, and she has also released two reworked versions of her most recent album.

Following the commercial and critical success of her last album, Clark can expect a much larger audience for her new music, as her musical persona St. Vincent, has become a major figure in the indie music industry.

Clark’s music can be contradictory, with old school funk rhythms paired with string arrangements and airy synths, and soft lyrics against the heavy guitar featured in many of her songs.

Clark manages to make it work though and drifts from angelic pop to snarling indie with grace and ambition.

Clark in her guitar hero guise as St Vincent is surely a one-off, with a unique, serrated alternative playing style which she has developed across multiple highly rated albums.

Arguably one of the most underrated current guitarists out there, the highly anticipated release of St. Vincent’s new studio album is sure to be huge

Andrew Walsh

Image Credit: Pitchfork