Ginny and Georgia is the perfect comfort show

Tara McGahan

Netflix have really pulled through in providing some quality entertainment over the past year, and their new binge-worthy series, Ginny and Georgia is no different. 

The new 10 part series can easily be compared to Gilmore Girls, with a mother-daughter relationship storyline and lots of drama, and it leads to a very easy watch. 

The series follows the lives of a 30-year-old single mother, Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) and her two children, 15 year-old daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and nine-year-old son Austin (Diesel La Torraca). 

The family decides to settle down in New England after years on the run, moving from town to town and unfortunate events in their lives and eventually cracks in Georgia’s life begin to appear. What we once saw as a confident young woman who has her life together, slowly begins to change as the truth unfolds.

As the family settle into their lives in a new town, people from their old lives reappear and drive a wedge in between Ginny and Georgia, and Georgia’s actions ultimately affect the rest of the family. 

Themes of friendship and relationships are strong throughout as Ginny tries to navigate her new world and important topics are touched upon regularly. Even aspects of criminal activity are explored throughout the episodes as the plot thickens.

What starts off as an innocent teen series progresses as we start to understand Georgia’s history further. Major plot twists unfold and the once light hearted comedy becomes dabbled with darker themes through unexpected events, twists and turns, 

Ginny and Georgia is undoubtedly a great watch and since its release, the series has received a huge amount of positive reviews. It’s the perfect comfort show and has just the right mixture of thrilling and comedy.

The final episode of the show concludes with a huge cliffhanger, which leaves viewers wanting (and needing) a second season.

So many questions have been left unanswered and the lack of confirmation about a second season leaves an uneasy feeling.

There is much more to be told about Ginny and Georgia’s lives and if a second season is anything like the first, it’s sure to be a huge hit.

There is no doubt that Ginny and Georgia deserves many more episodes, but whether or not the iconic duo and their wild lives will make a return to Netflix once more is a question in desperate need of answering.

Tara McGahan

Image Credit: Netflix