Meet Nevvv – A unique figure in the Irish music industry

Peter O'Neill

“I think I can speak for a lot of artists, when I say the best part about the whole thing is getting on a stage and letting it all out,” says Nevvv, when asked about being an artist during lockdown.

“One of the most cathartic things, you’re kind of just chasing the whole time and without that you’re kind of like, what am I writing for?”

Hailing from Navan, but based in Dublin during her time studying at The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), Nevvv gathered some buzz last year from the release of her debut single Passionate / Stupid, which was featured in Hot Press magazine.

One thing about Nevvv however, is that she’s very determined not to be defined as only a musician.

“I think that’s the problem. Like I say yes to literally everything and then I run myself so thin,” she said.

“For a while, I was like, I’ll just be a model. Like, I had no idea. But as long as it was, you know, creatively fulfilling. I mean, I’m even like that now.

“I’ve just got my fingers in like a million and one pies. And like, whatever goes, you know? Somebody rings me up and they’re like, you want to be part of a weird fringe musical? And I’m like yes!”

The pandemic and lockdown and response has affected her much like other artists. A lack of gigs means not only the importance experience of playing live is lost but also the financial benefits artists need to survive.

“I haven’t written anything in ages and ages, because I’m just too tired,” she said.

“To be honest I see people out there and they’re f**king killing it, like lockdown suits them so well, and I think to be honest, fair play to them and I love that for them.

“But I also feel like the fact that we’re all spending so much more time online, really f**ks with the creative process because you’re looking at people, and you’re just like, oh my god, they’re doing this thing, and I’m not doing this thing. It’s like, oh… it’s just such a web of shite.”

One of the most interesting things about her first single, Passionate / Stupid, are the lyrics delivered over an electro-pop sparse beat. The sounds meshed with her vocals generated on the track are very innovative for an artists’ first ever official release.

“That particular line, I guess, was about how we’re kind of like, really wrapped up in our own little lives”, she says when asked about the closing lines of the song.

“A fight with your partner or fight with, you know, your mom might seem like the most important thing at the time… but there’s so much  going on in the world right outside. You know what I mean? Like right outside your window. You can miss it if you spend all your time wrapped up in your own bubble.”

Nevvv has plans despite the pandemic to release new music in the near future. She says that an upcoming track ‘Let the Boys wear Lace’ is her favourite.

“I’m upset that boys feel like they can’t wear lace, you know, and dance around in the nip. You need to do that more,” she said.

While I may not be in the nip or wearing lace, this boy will be looking forward to it regardless, as Nevvv seems like someone the Irish music scene needs. Someone who’s unique, doesn’t care about artistic boundaries and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Passionate/Stupid is available on all streaming platforms and at Nevvv’s Bandcamp at

Peter O’Neill

Image Credit: Katie Freeney