Was WandaVision worth the hype it generated?

Deborah Marshall

The WandaVision finale recently debuted on Disney+, and it cemented the show as one of the most interesting things Marvel Studios has released.

The series is packed full of pastiche and tributes towards sitcoms of the past, from The Dick Van Dyke Show to Malcolm in the Middle. 

WandaVision flourishes when dealing with Wanda’s past grief. This is a subject matter that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is particularly good at dealing with, like in Iron Man 3. 

Though Marvel films have been criticised in the past for being emotionally vapid, continually their films have dealt with issues of mental health, which is fairly progressive for a series with a largely male fanbase. 

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany star as Wanda and Vision respectively, and it’s fantastic to see these actors play their characters with emotional depth.

Previously, the audience never really saw these characters get much screen time together. Avengers: Infinity War saw both characters in a situation that felt emotionally unearned.

With WandaVision, we have finally got the screentime that lets us resonate with the characters. However, the ending fell flat for some of the die-hard fans of the show, who had been theorising about how the show fit into the wider MCU.

Many believed that there would be a jaw-dropping reveal or cameo that would lead directly into future MCU films. Instead, the ending felt quite self-contained and resolved (though there are two after-credits scenes that pose open-ended questions).

Fans hoped for a certain concept to come true, and were left disappointed when it wasn’t. In fact, it seemed to be the writers trolling the audience as it resolved into a dick joke. 

David Lynch was clearly a large influence on the writers. However, the further into the show, the more formulaic Marvel it becomes. For the most part, the show is worth watching, even if just for making theories as it progresses.

Ultimately, the series is completely worth the hype if you’re an MCU fan. The first half of the series is very different to anything else the MCU has ever released, to its benefit.

Deborah Marshall

Image Credit: Disney+