Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris joins Tik Tok

Shauna Burdis

The Minister for Further and Higher Education, Simon Harris has joined Tik Tok and has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and views within a day.

Harris’ first video on the popular social media platform has been viewed 804.6K times since he posted it on March 24th. In his first video, Harris said: “I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to join Tik Tok. 

“Not sure I quite know what I’ve let myself in for yet but looking forward to learning how to use this and using it as another tool to keep in touch with you, keep you up to date, share a few insights and views.”

On the first day of launching his new account on the platform, Harris gained 36.K followers. 

The minister has so far amounted to 52.7K followers and a total of 177.K likes from his 4 uploaded videos.

In his latest video, Harris announced that he just signed the law to open the student grant scheme for the next academic year. He also stated that he made a few changed to allow for more students to benefit from grant schemes. 

Surprised users have taken to the comments section of Harris’ videos to show their support, while some are leaving less friendly and more critical comments.

Commenting on Harris’ first Tik Tok video, one user wrote: “What an icon”.

While others commented: “Another form of social media to ignore third level students on…”

“Maybe instead of joining Tik Tok you could help or even address the struggling students in third level education.” Said another user.

People also flocked to Twitter to post about the minister’s newest social media pop-up. 

With one user saying “If Simon Harris appeared on ur fyp [for you page] in the last 24 hours ur actually entitled to financial compensation.”

Another posted: “The country is falling apart and Simon Harris is making tea on his Tik Tok.”

Shauna Burdis

Image credit: Tik Tok