DCUTV announce presenters for their 24 Hour Broadcast

Ria McGuire

DCUtv Media Production Society (MPS) has announced their presenters for this year’s virtual 24hr Broadcast in aid of the Rise Foundation.

The annual event will be held on the 17th- 18th of May, and will be hosted by three general presenters; Eoin O’Reilly, Jack Collier, and Ariana Rodriguez.

“I was always kind of aware of the 24 Hour Broadcast and it always looked like so much fun,” said presenter Eoin O’Reilly.

“As well as that it’s a great opportunity to get really good experience working in front of a camera/ learning the ins and outs of how broadcasting works.”

Maeve Fortune, Chair of MPS said: “Due to the broadcasts online nature this year, there isn’t going to be as many things for the backstage presenters to do, in terms of all the energy they need to create behind the scenes.”

“It makes more sense to have just general presenters who can interchange their positions,” she added.

The MPS 24 Hour Broadcast is a live stream event of live and pre-recorded content, which is in aid of charity.

Due to Covid-19 regulations and social distancing guidelines, the annual event has been transformed into an online show. 

“I honestly think this year is just an opportunity for us to be innovative,” said Fortune

“I’m excited for the challenge of creating a new format and for everyone to see how we’ve adapted to being completely online.”

The transformation of live events to virtual has been a constant challenge for DCU societies since the beginning of Covid-19 and requires creativity from all involved.

“I do think this year will be trickier to keep the hype and energy level up but it is not impossible,” said presenter Jack Collier.

 “We have been running remote events all year, and we now know what works and what doesn’t.”

“The broadcast is a much bigger setup as suppose to a regular zoom call, so we still have the ability to jump between multiple live feeds to keep the energy alive,” he added.

The chosen charity of the broadcast this year is the RISE Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting and helping family members who have been affected by the addiction of a loved one.

“We really want to emphasise that this broadcast is no less than any other gone by, it’s just different,” said Fortune.

“Our charity the Rise Foundation is as important as every group we’ve worked in aid of in the past, and we are all prepared to work equally if not twice as hard, to achieve the same heights as before.”

“We won’t be able to achieve it alone and will be looking for other societies to help us along the way,” added Fortune.

Ria McGuire

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