How to manifest with the moon

The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul.”

This ancient proverb is a take on our relationship with the moon as it sees us through our darkest times and goes through phases just like us.

A new moon cycle is approaching, with a full moon lighting the sky on April 26th. Many people use crystals and manifestation to make the most out of the moon and to harvest its spiritual energy.

There are a number of full moon rituals you can partake in, each with its own benefits. This is the perfect time to get rid of any negativity and open your heart to kindness and forgiveness.

Just like a moon cycle welcoming a new moon, you can prepare yourself for a new chapter or phase in your life.

In order to harvest the energy of a full moon, online spiritual and wellness centre, Rituals ,explains that you should perform a ceremony consisting of these five steps.

Focus on your breathing in complete silence. Turn your phone off and get rid of any distractions, spend five minutes focusing on your breathing and the calming, cleansing effect it is having.

Lighting a candle is linked to enhancing your intuition, which can be useful for releasing negativity, with silver candles being the best colour for intuition.

Different colour candles can represent different aspects of life, for example: purple for empowerment, wisdom and confidence; orange for ambition; pink for love and peace; yellow for inspiration, creativity and intellect.

Writing things down can be therapeutic in and of itself. Start by identifying what has been troubling you, this can be a bad habit, a person or a situation. By writing down your worries, you can think and reflect more clearly.

Next, you will want to think about what you can do to improve on these situations by visualising your goals. Allow yourself to fully imagine yourself reaching these goals and think about how that will make you feel.

The last, but most important step is to ask the moon for forgiveness. Whether you want to forgive yourself or someone else, begin by saying (aloud) “I forgive”. By releasing this into the universe, it can help drain the negativity from your body.

You can use this ritual for a new beginning or to achieve a goal, using healing crystals to aid the process.

After performing a full moon ceremony, you have a spiritually clean slate making this an ideal time to start a new project or to embark on a new journey. A moonstone is a great crystal to have for this ritual as it promotes strength and inner growth.

Moonstones can be kept around at all times, not just during a full moon, to help cleanse your mind and ease anxiety before you make big changes.

While a moonstone can also help you achieve goals, amethysts can also help you focus. This crystal contains healing properties that allow you to rest while also boosting your commitment to your goals.

If your goal is to achieve goals, you should make a list of affirmations and intentions instead of writing down the negative aspects of your life.

While this can sound like nonsense to some people, the new moon is what you make of it. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on your situation and seek clarity in how you can improve or boost your focus levels.

Author: Emily Clarke 

Image Credit: Brown on Unsplash