Master’s students get 10 per cent fee reduction

DCU Master’s students are getting a 10 per cent reduction in fees for the coming academic year, 2021/2022.

The reduction will apply to all DCU graduates and outgoing final year students. It was introduced to provide additional alumni benefits to graduates of DCU, according to a DCU spokesperson.

The fee break will not apply to those who have graduated from other higher-level institutions.

The reduction is part of the Alumni Benefit Scheme, which is “a list of initiatives, programmes and discounts available to graduates of the university,” according to the DCU spokesperson. “These provide an opportunity for our graduates to remain engaged with DCU.”

Marian Corcoran, Chairperson of the DCU Alumni Council, said, “the decision to extend the scheme is greatly welcomed by the DCU Alumni community. It reflects the university’s culture of continuing personal development and its commitment to graduates at home and abroad.”

Rachel Kilbane, a DCU final year student who will be pursuing a Masters in Public Relations and Strategic Communications, said she was unaware of the reduction when she first applied for the master’s programme, but thinks the reduction is a great idea.

“To be honest, college fees are already so expensive,” she said. “And I’m paying for this myself, so anything that helps me.”

“I think it really is encouraging because for a lot of people, that’s a factor that comes into it: they can’t afford it. Many people will go and work for a year or two and then come back and do a masters then or else hope that a company will pay for theirs.”

Carenza Rock, another final year DCU alumnus who will be attending the Masters in Public Relations and Strategic Communication, said she always wanted to continue her education in DCU and that the reduction in fees is welcome.

“I think it’s a brilliant incentive to encourage people to continue studying and to go into a master degree when they finish their undergraduate. A master’s is a lot of money, so the fact that DCU is offering this 10 per cent, I think it’s brilliant.”

According to the DCU connected webpage, the cost of Master’s degrees vary, but this year it’s around €9,425.

Niamh Quinlan

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