Our ‘role models’ are not setting the example they should be

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dropcap][/dropcap] The recent story emerging surrounding several Dublin senior footballers being caught breaking covid rules by taking part in training sessions, has stirred great disappointment rather than anger.

It says a lot about our 'role models,' in how they have conducted themselves in regard to Covid-19 rules and whether they respect the guidelines that have been set out.

This event has stirred many questions regarding well known people in our lives, our role models and how they have conducted themselves in regard to Covid rules and whether they respect the guidelines that have been set out.

We must question whether these ‘role models’ of ours are truly setting the example they should be during this pandemic.

Since the beginning of lockdown, we have seen plenty of influencers who decided that it was essential to travel to luxurious hotels and resorts in places such as Dubai.

Of course, there are people who go on such holidays who are not so well known but they do not hold the same number of social media followers that these influencers do. Therefore, they are not impacting others and making it seem as though it is ok to travel during these times.

It has sparked much outrage throughout the world and many frontline workers including nurses and doctors that have spoken in outrage against these people, claiming it is making their jobs even harder.

In an interview with Extra.ie, a pharmacist, who contracted COVID-19 while at work, detailed her upset seeing others hop on a plane to a hotspot. “My main point would be is why do they think the rules don’t apply to them? Their job is not essential, and neither is their reason to travel,” she said.

Fitness influencer, Sheridan Mordew, appeared on the TV show ‘This Morning’ with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to claim that her trip to Dubai was essential for her work and mental health.

After the interview, she was slated on social media platforms questioning why she could abscond to these luxurious destinations when others cannot based on the current guidelines.

For me, I completely agree that she, and/or other influencers or anyone should not go to another country during these times while others stay at home. We must respect the guidelines as doctors and nurses are risking their lives.

These people garner huge followings across several platforms and have led other people to believe that going on holidays during these times is okay and perfectly normal.

In Dublin, White Moose Café owner, Paul Stenson posted a passionate and hard-hitting statement to the establishments Instagram page, in which he slated such influencers for going away during the pandemic and not respecting the 14-day quarantine period once they returned.

The café is hugely popular throughout Dublin and hosts many influencers from all over. However, in his post, Paul stated that anyone who has travelled outside Ireland and refused to quarantine when coming home would be rejected entry/removed from the premises immediately because they were putting others in danger.

This stance from Paul and his business are some of the ways to discourage such irresponsible behaviour. Although he risks such big names and personalities leaving poor reviews/ comments etc on his café, he understands that they are not above the law.

For me, the decisions of so many well-known characters around our country breaking COVID-19 guidelines has been baffling.

It is evident that the choice to leave the country and furthermore not respect quarantining measures is extremely irresponsible and disrespectful to everyone, especially the frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this time.

Jack Murray.

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