Smother: What you need to know about the RTÉ drama

Michelle Cullen

RTÉ’s new six-part series ‘Smother’ aired on the 7th of March and was met with great praise from RTÉ viewers.

The drama filmed in Lahinch and the surrounding areas in Co. Clare is picturesque in comparison to the ugly secrets this family holds.

The setting adds to the suspense of the show with its crashing waves and swelling tides a nod to the stormy waters this family are going through.

Episode one takes us to Val Aherns 50th birthday party that is filled with guests mainly consisting of her blended family.

Following the party Denis, Val’s estranged husband is found dead under suspicious circumstances after falling off a cliff.

Val becomes determined to find out what happened to her husband when the whole family become prime suspects in the case.

As the series develops, we see that Denis had a reputation for making people do things his way which made him many enemies. With almost everyone in this drama having a motive to kill Denis it is impossible to guess who is responsible.

Created by Katie O’Riordan this drama, a collaboration with RTÉ, BBC and Treasure Entertainment, has many twists and turns to firmly grasp our attention.

Some of Irelands best-known actors feature in the cast. Val, played by Dervla Kirwan best known for her roles in ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix, reveals how much she did not know about her husband’s life and the advice he was giving their children.

This in turn leads to more rows within the family as the investigation into Denis’ death continues.

Seána Kerslake who plays Grace, a character with bipolar disorder, has been praised for her portrayal of bipolar. Kerslake said it was important to her not to overdramatise Grace’s condition to give viewers a better understanding of the reality of living with bipolar.

Kerslake is joined by Niamh Walsh who plays her sister Jenny and Gemma-Leah Devereux who plays her sister Anna.

This thriller series is definitely one to watch. Its fast-paced storyline keeps viewers glued to the screen afraid to look away because you might miss something.  It is safe to say that ‘Smother’ is the best series RTÉ has produced in a while.

Michelle Cullen

Image credit: RTE