Drama, DJs and Poetry; A guide to DCU’s best arts societies

Andrew Walsh

Whether your area of interest is Harry Potter, jazz music or the circus arts, DCU has a wide variety of societies which cater to everyone. These societies are a great way to meet new people and to make some great college memories. With life on campus seemingly returning to normality again, now is a better time than ever to explore some of the eclectic mix of arts-related societies DCU has to offer.

Awarded DCU’s best society in 2021, the Drama Society offers a welcoming and energetic atmosphere for those with a love for the performing arts. The society is a crucial part of society life in DCU, with multiple shows, plays and musicals hosted over both annual semesters. Chairperson of the Drama Society David Cotter recommends for anyone to join, as there is a place for everyone, and the society gives real experience in drama.

The Film Society is an enjoyable experience recommended for anyone, with many regular events such as cinema trips, society nights out, and quiz nights. The society also organises regular film screenings on campus, which offers students a great way to unwind after lectures. Film Society is an enjoyable experience movie fanatics and casual fans alike.

For the budding poets of DCU, the Poetry Society provides the opportunity to build confidence in your work and make lifelong friends. With slam poetry, open mic nights and an annual nationwide poetry festival, the society is a great place to mingle with fellow poets and appreciate the art form.

Open to all types of dance music, the DJ Society offers a place for any budding DJ’s, Music Producers, and Visual and Audio artists. This society offers a place where like-minded people can come together and play music they enjoy. Members are also provided with special opportunities such as gigs, mixes or in-person tutorials.

For those with a love of board, PC or console games, the Games Society provides a wide array of fun activities to relax and mingle. The society supplies a place on campus for anyone to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of classic board games, and regular events and gatherings are organised with games such as Super Smash Bros.

The Book Society is an open community that revolves around a love of books and reading. With regular meet ups, events and an annual trip, the Book Society offers an opportunity to explore a passion in literature. The society is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed environment and take a break from studying.

As DCU’s resident music society, the Alternative and Indie Music Society (AIMS) provides a place for people of all different musical tastes to come together and appreciate good music. The society runs a weekly ‘Pass the Aux’ session for listening to music together, and in-person jam sessions, open mics and concerts are expected to start again soon.

With many other societies on offer, there is a place for everyone to find their new passion and make lifelong memories in DCU. For those interested in joining a society, the clubs and societies office can be found online at dcuclubsandsocs.ie or in the U Building on the Glasnevin campus.

Andrew Walsh

Image credit: DCU Clubs and Socs