Brid Horan appointed as new DCU Chancellor

Matthew Joyce

DCU has appointed former NGO advocate and current chair of the Irish Cancer Society Brid Horan as the new Chancellor of the university.

The appointment was made at the first meeting of DCU’s new Governing Authority, chaired by DCU President Professor Daire Keogh, which Ms. Horan served on for nearly seven years up to this year.

Mr. Keogh commended Ms. Horan’s ‘exceptional’ record of leadership to Irish society, industry, education, equality, and the arts.

“She has championed the values of DCU throughout a distinguished career, and her experience provides her with unparalleled insight into the opportunities and challenges facing Irish universities”, Mr. Keogh added.

“I am delighted to welcome Brid Horan as Chancellor, confident that her leadership will advance DCU’s mission to Transform Lives and Society.”

Brid Horan has over 30 years of experience in senior executive roles, as well as voluntary and advocative roles in private and public organisations.

Ms. Horan held senior executive positions with ESB and co-founded the 30% Club, which promotes equal opportunities for women to study in STEM courses.

Brid was appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills as an external member of the Expert Group on Future Funding for Higher Education in Ireland, which recommended options in their report for funding – including abolishing student contributions and increasing state funding, increasing state funding while retaining student contributions, and deferring student fees through ‘income contingent loans’.

In June, Ms. Horan stepped down as co-chairperson of Balance For Better Business, a Government initiative aiming to achieve gender balance in business.

Speaking then, Ms. Horan told The Irish Times that the pandemic could stall progress made in improving gender balance in Irish companies.

“Targets on their own don’t work. You have to have targets with engagement, monitoring and reporting”.

In a press release, the Chancellor said she is grateful to the DCU President and Governing Authority for appointing her:

“I look forward to working with all in DCU who are passionate about providing a first class university experience for our students and to supporting our community, society, and the economy.”

Professor Keogh also thanked the Chancellor’s predecessor, Dr. Martin McAleese, for his tireless work on behalf of DCU, serving as Chancellor for a decade.

The role of Chancellor involves working with DCU’s Governing Authority, preside over graduate ceremonies and exercising oversight of the university’s strategic direction.

Matthew Joyce

Image Credit: Julien Behal