“I will always swear by layers,”: How to stay stylish while dressing for the autumn weather

It’s official, we have entered the autumn season.

This new season brings about a change in the weather; and coincidentally, a change in weather means a change in fashion. Now that days are getting shorter, colder, and wetter, we need to adapt our style to these new conditions.

We could wrap up in a waxy rain jacket, cling on to an umbrella and hope for the best, but I’m certain there’s a more stylish solution.

The key to dressing weather-appropriate while maintaining your own stylish flair in Ireland’s autumn all starts with layering.

“I will always swear by layers”, said Lara Walsh Fagherazzi, chairperson of DCU’s Style Society, when asked how she would tackle autumn fashion.

“It’s a great way to warm up unworn summer outfits while making a completely original outfit.”

To those who are unfamiliar with the concept of layering, it can be a little daunting at first but it’s a great way to be fashionable without falling victim to the harsh autumn weather.

Try investing in some good quality basics that you will always need, such as plain black and white t-shirts, tank tops or hoodies. Items like these can be worn under or over pieces to add an extra layer of warmth, without taking away from the outfit as a whole.

Just using these plain tops as a base layer under a jumper or fitted shirt can keep you that little bit warmer while still allowing you to wear your favourite clothes.

A long sleeve t-shirt or mock neck under a graphic top is the easiest way to incorporate layering into your autumn style. From there, you can build up your wardrobe by layering patterns and colours.

Layering isn’t restricted to tops, shirts and jumpers. Grab a dress or skirt, throw on a pair of tights and get creative layering with t-shirts, jumpers and button downs. The possibilities are endless- especially when paired with textures and patterns which autumnal dressing supplies in spades; leather, knits, corduroy and cashmere, to name a few.

Autumn is also a good time to experiment with new materials, if you have the chance. While denim is and always will be classic, it’s not always the most practical material in the wetter months, particularly in Ireland.

Fagherazzi recommends vintage leather as a budget friendly and weather-appropriate alternative. Vintage leather will keep you dry and warm but is still fashionable, and it won’t break the bank either.

 Lisa Mullaly

Image credit: Freestocks on Unsplash