Surviving the final Mercury retrograde of 2021

The final mercury retrograde of 2021 is here, and before you worry about blocking that ex, backing up your life’s work on a hard drive or hiding away until it is all over, fear not.

Mercury retrograde is not solely out to get us all. It can in fact be a great period to slow down, readjust and to take a new view or approach to different aspects of our lives.

So, what does Mercury retrograde mean? Mercury rules all forms of communication such as social media, speaking, writing, ideas and thoughts. It also rules movement, short trips, and transportation.

When a planet is in retrograde it means that it appears to be moving backwards from the Earth’s perspective. This is in fact an optical illusion, however in astrology it is said to have a deeper meaning.

What does this mean for us? The main problems faced during Mercury retrograde include difficulties with technology, miscommunication, delays, and people from the past returning.

Even the recent global outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp from the social media grid had astrologers pointing to the possible scope of Mercury retrograde skewing our communication methods.

Mercury is going retrograde in the romantic sign of Libra from September 27th to October 18th. This means that the focus is going to be on your relationships and how you communicate with all the people in your life. Here is a rundown of how it is affecting each sign individually.


Take time to reflect on how you communicate with your partner. As Bustle put it, take some extra time to think about how your words and action may affect your loved ones.


Evaluate your self care habits, your health and daily routine. According to AstroTwins, it is important to “zero in” on your well-being now and to focus on the fundamentals; sleep, hydration and  supplements. Be proactive with your planning and stay organised.


Mercury rules Gemini, so it is possible this sign will be more affected than others. Past lovers or hook-ups may come back around, but as AstroTwins put it, “don’t feel like you have to take their bait.”


As a Cancer, your emotions may run havoc under this retrograde. You may have arguments or disagreements with the people you live with.  Try to steer clear of drama at home and remain patient.


This Mercury retrograde may pose additional communication  issues for the Leo sign, AstroTwins explain. Re-read texts and emails before sending them and avoid confrontation or miscommunications with others.


This retrograde is affecting the financial sector of Virgo’s chart, so now might be a good time to review finances, avoid overspending or focusing too much on material needs. Instead, focus more on the people you love.


With Mercury retrograding through Libra and affecting the identity of this sign, use this time to focus on yourself. You may find it harder to communicate during this period, but consider it as an opportunity to reconsider your communication style.


You may be feeling a lot more introspective, sleepy, and craving alone time during this period. Take a step back from love and focus on yourself. Consider writing down your dreams or journalling to connect with your introspective side on a deeper level.


With retrograde rolling through the social sector of your chart, your social circle’s dynamic may be a little imbalanced right now.Try to keep the peace in your social life, friendships, or in group settings.


You might be finding it more difficult to balance your work and romantic life. During this retrograde, it may be wise to pause and assess where things stand in your career before launching into your next project. If you are in a relationship, communicate with your partner about these issues.


This Mercury retrograde might not be the best time to take or plan your next getaway. Avoid going on long trips or holidays, instead, explore your interests in a closer-to-home way. If a getaway is booked and calling your name, make sure to double check everything.


This Mercury retrograde might set additional barriers with your relationships. Secrets or uncovered feelings surrounding relationships may arise for you at this time. Don’t run from these emotions, instead, face them head on.

 Chloe Brady

Image credit: NASA on Unsplash