DCU Libraries opening at full capacity among changes to reopening of society

Matthew Joyce

F ollowing a week of alterations to the Government’s reopening plan, and disappointments to some of the continuation of social distancing and mask wearing in most areas, some changes to the DCU experience will bring joy to students.

Last week, the Government announced changes to their reopening on October 22nd. This included the continuation of Digital Covid Certs for entry to hospitality, and now into nightclubs, which are at 100% capacity at opening.

As a result of this final step of reopening (at least until February 2022), some facilities in DCU are reopening, and some are opening further.

The DCU Libraries have opened at full capacity for the first time since the pandemic began.

The news was confirmed to The College View by a DCU spokesperson, saying the Libraries will open “seven days a week from the beginning of November, with late night opening five nights per week.”

“We are very conscious that under the new academic calendar we are entering a pre-exam period before Christmas for the first time and will make available as many indoor safe study spaces as possible,” the spokesperson added.

In addition, managed indoor dining spaces on the three campuses – Glasnevin, St. Patrick’s and All Hallows – are opening, such as at An Bialann in the Glasnevin campus, with “reduced seating capacity”.

The DCU spokesperson also confirmed to The College View that the refurbished main restaurant in the All Hallows campus will reopen in early November as a “social and study space”.

While aspects of student life are changing and opening further, some are staying the same.

The College View has learned that current arrangements for teaching and learning will continue until the end of the first semester.

This means the current seating capacities in lecture halls, seminars and tutorials will remain the same.

The DCU spokesperson also confirmed that existing COVID-19 mitigation measures, such as mask wearing and enhanced ventilation will continue.

In addition, marquees set up in the Glasnevin and St. Patrick’s campuses will remain in place “until Christmas at a minimum”.

“We’d like to thank our students for working so positively with us since we resumed in person teaching and learning in September and enabling us to continue to deliver the best academic and social experience possible while maintaining a safe environment for everyone,” the spokesperson said.


Matthew Joyce

Image Credit: William Dunne