Re-opening is Overwhelming

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could go back to being stuck at home for the day.

The last academic year was spent cooped up inside. There was no partying or socialising and sometimes I thought I was going insane! Online lectures were spent with a cup of tea in my hands and my dog in my lap. Evenings were spent watching the ‘Six One’ and ‘Fair City’ with my parents and going on THE daily walk.


Now, however, life is buzzing! I feel like I’m constantly on the go. We have to get dressed to go to college. The gyms are open, so we have no excuses anymore. I feel this sudden pressure to make friends… it’s my second year of college but technically I’m a first-year on campus. Also, I am not one to say no to a night out! To be honest, I’m too much of a party animal at times, but right now I am EXHAUSTED!!


Many students feel the same way, which is reassuring. “I’m still trying to adjust to everything, so my mental health has suffered. Averaging 5 hours of sleep to make it on time and all the commitments that come with college… There’s been so much good but yeah it’s tough mentally and you really do feel burnt out at times” said Rian Noctor.


“I’m finding it easier to be on campus but it’s overwhelming to try and balance all aspects of the college experience like the workload, social life, meeting with friends, and continuing my hobbies,” said Emma Malone.


Sometimes I find myself wishing I could go back to being stuck at home for the day. With the reopening of nightclubs and live events, I presume life will only get more exhausting. I think it’s important during this time that we all learn to say no! Saying yes to an event or meetup when you’re tired or just socially drained can be disrespectful. It could lead to resentment for that person. It’s also being respectful to yourself.


The World Health Organisation is calling stress the health epidemic of the 21st century. This is no wonder when so many of us are people pleasers. It’s important to look after yourself and be comfortable spending time with yourself.


“I get bored in my own company. I always have to keep myself distracted or I’ll start overthinking, which is kind of sad” said student Jordan Finney.


Being alone allows us to be our true versions of ourselves and recharge our social batteries. After so much time alone, I think this year is even more stressful than last year. As the country opens, take your time at easing into everything.


Louise Hickey.