Naughty or nice: If you don’t get shopping early there may be nothing under your tree this Christmas

Alanna Cunnane

While Christmas Eve has often been identified as the saving grace for last-minute shoppers, this year presents a means for reevaluation of such a shopping tactic.

COVID-19, Brexit and hitches in supply chains have all contributed to a changing consumerism landscape, and by consequence, our Christmas 2021 wish lists might just become the collateral damage.

Outlets such as Smyths Toys has already expressed its concerns of delays and finite stock of products, urging customers to “avoid disappointment” by purchasing gifts more prematurely than usual due to these inflicted setbacks.

“It is particularly important to shop early this year as global shipping and container shortages are causing supply issues in many parts of our lives,” the toy superstore giant said in a statement last month.

These “issues” are having an impact across the globe, but what may not be considered from a consumer point of view is how organising the holiday presents early may actually be of benefit this season.

You’ll have a higher chance of the gifts actually making it under the tree

Electronics, games consoles and phones are the hot-ticket items this year, their trail in the market is predicted to go quite cold the closer it gets to December 25th.

With shipping delays and rising cost of freight haulage being the main culprits, sellers are encouraging those who wish to pick up these items to do so as soon as possible.

Equally, a reduction in stock and availability is causing prices and wait times to soar, so if you are the last-minute type, this might just be the unofficial call to action you needed.

Spread the cost

An advantage of shopping in a timely manner is that it grants customers the opportunity to budget accordingly.

In doing so, the money exerted in the lead up to Christmas may not be as strenuous if organisation is implemented and the frenzy that comes with it dwindled down over a period.

Allows the chance for bargain hunting

Co-ordination will have to be the aim of the game across the field, as with these shortages in place, the balance between securing a good deal for a friend or family member, and forgoing your own wish lists item, wavers a thin line.

The approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday may seem like easy solutions, but if consumers really are to locate a discount and have their purchase arrive before the big day itself, they will have to do so sooner rather than later.

More time to plan other meetings and events

Despite the cliche associations, less stress often leads to more success. In this case, an alleviated schedule will favour more time with loved ones as opposed to searching for their materialistically valued requests at the last minute.

Global catastrophes may be the cause, but the consequence doesn’t have to be one of coal, but rather a stocking full of quality time this Christmas.

Alanna Cunnane

Image credit: Freestocks on Unsplash