The importance of a good breakup song

Yasmin Kelly

How Taylor Swift and Adele create a sense of community as they serenade us about their ex-lovers.

Love them or loathe them, there is no denying that songs that unpack heartbreak in love can help, even the best of us get over someone that done us wrong.

Whether it’s Fleetwood Mac’s infamous “Silver Springs” or the classic “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, the Spotify playlist “breakup songs to scream in the car,” has something for everyone and yes, I learned that the hard way.

With the upcoming release of the re-recording of Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red,’ fans are ecstatic to hear Swift’s new versions of 22 timeless classics.

With “We are Never Getting Back Together” having that careless attitude that Swift exudes so well in the majority of her work, we are met with “Everything has Changed” only six tracks later. This album will be a rollercoaster of emotional diversity.

So, why do most of us love breakup songs so much? Personally, I think they bring people together in ways that spoken word simply cannot. For example, I can always count on “Beggin’ On Your Knees” by the Victorious Cast to allow  me to express my feelings in the form of a superb musical composition.

I feel that breakup songs also bring a sense of community. Yes, you may feel lonely and sad right now but Taylor Swift has been in your exact position in “All Too Well” and Pitbull has “been there done that” in “Time of Our Lives.”

With Swift’s release coming on November 12th and Adele’s new album following only a week later, we are in for an emotional Christmas.

Yasmin Kelly

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