My Therapist Ghosted Me – Ireland’s Podcast Obsession

Alanna Cunnane

Beyond the obsession with Pret a Manger, Vogue’s family and Joanne’s sex life, the ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’ podcast is really a tale of two best friends and their tendency to make their audience (and themselves) gasp for air laughing while ripping each other to shreds.

The title is an anecdote from McNally’s actual experience, the premise lies in that they discuss their relatable disasters and unattainable celebrity catastrophes during their weeks’ for a comedy potion that is both engaging and an outside look in at the showbiz world.

Often what comes as a surprise to many of the listeners is Williams’s brilliant humour that is in sharp contrast to her flawless portrayal in Irish media.

Robbing Trocaire boxes as kids and the misunderstanding of the phrase “goofing off” will do that to a person.

Only serving as the tip of the iceberg of their Irish satire that is oh so familiar to their listener’s in everyday life.

Above all though, what makes their podcast so popular is the stark difference in their own life settings, resulting in the testimony catering to everyone and anyone.

Vogue, married to ex made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, has two kids and another on the way, while Joanne is searching to find love while adventuring with Wine in A Can and journeying to a pinnacle point of her career.

Her recent mystery man under the pseudonym Dennis was the most recent of her dating exploits, concocting her hilarious experience into content for this very show, no matter the consequences of the impact on the connection.

He’s said to be strutting around the streets of Bray as we speak, as a single man however since the relationship came to a close as revealed in the latest episode.

That union may have unravelled, but what never will is the unwavering and other worldly-funny links between Joanne, Vogue and their listeners.

Alanna Cunnane

Image credit: Heart