What new Covid regulations have been introduced on campus?

Christine O'Mahony


After a full academic year, DCU returned to on campus teaching.

In Semester one, there was a cap on how many could stay in a room, there was limited amount of night time events,
windows had to be kept open, students had to wear masks at all times.

Two-hour lectures had to have a 15-minute break. There was testing on campus and for the first two months, the canteen would not let anyone sit inside.
Semester two started on the 10 th of January with a few changes.

The college now offers free Antigen tests to students, students can take home a maximum of two antigens per week,
which they can collect at various locations on campus, most notably the library and the SU helpdesk.

Students must notify lecturers if they will be absent due to self-isolation, so the lecturers can offer alternatives, such as recorded lectures.

However, many lecturers are not able to offer this blended learning option. Due to the shortage of PCR tests in the country, the HSE is heavily reliant on antigen testing and Minister Simon Harris has praised universities for offering them for free.

There are also pharmacies in the area that are offering booster shots to students, which is needed to fight the Omicron variant. The Student Union has been advertising alternatives places to get Booster shots, such as Boots and students’ local vaccination centre.

The Dublin City University Instagram page has also offered a Q&A session about the vaccine for students.

From January the 13 th , PharmaHealth pharmacy on Glasnevin Campus has been offering boosters.

Students can book a day time slot or attend the walk-in clinic from 6pm- 9pm.
Masks, social distancing, caps in classrooms, lecture halls and society bookings are still in place.

NuBar now follows government guidance and now closes at 8pm.

Students are encouraged to sit and eat outside and to wash their hands and use the sanitisers. All society
events must end at 8pm, which is different to semester one.

Christine O’Mahony

Image Credit: RGB Facades