Encanto Movie Review: Young People’s representation through La Familia Madrigal

Hannah Daygo

Image Source: Disney

Music, magic, and memories. The magic and music of Disney’s stories transport us back to our childhood. Disney’s unforgettable tales made us feel like we were the main characters in our own life stories as we grew up. As every character from Disney gave us inspiration through the years, Disney’s new feature film, “Encanto” with their magical storylines not only touched our hearts but has also given our youth representation.

La Familia Madrigal

As in all Disney films, family is an important part of the storyline. In this film, the focus is on the magical Madrigal family. Just like all Disney characters, every person in the family plays a crucial part; their personalities and gifts make them unique.

Abuela Alma, the head of the household, represents all the born-to-be leaders; yet her mindset was first clouded by expectations of keeping a perfect family, but she eventually broke down that wall and accepted her family’s emotions. She is a symbol for all young people who embrace their mistakes wholeheartedly.

The family’s sunflower is Tio Felix, Tia Peppa’s husband; he represents every young person who finds happiness in a particular situation, the kind of person who always makes you smile. Tia Peppa, on the other hand, has the power to control the weather, but she can’t always control her emotions, and Tio Felix always acknowledges her. They make a good combination as they both validate their feelings as seen in the film.

Mirabel’s father Augustin represents every young person whose love language is acts of service. He may be non-gifted, but he constantly supports Mirabel. Julieta is Mirabel’s loving mother and also the town’s doctor as she can heal people through food. A youth like Julieta is always prepared to speak for the unheard and always ready to serve as a guide to others.

“We don’t talk Bruno,” but we do. We definitely need to talk about Bruno because he represents every youth who has gone unnoticed yet has done amazing things, especially for their families. While everyone is discussing his negative predictions, he chose to remain silent in order to protect someone. Bruno represents all young people with big hearts; if you know someone like Bruno, give them a big hug because they matter and know that they are important.

Grandkid Round-up

Dolores’ hearing power represents a young person who is aware of her environment and very well-informed of everything. The shape-shifting ability of Camilo, constantly changing his appearance, represents the explorers and the wonderers. He represents a young person figuring out who they are and what they want to become. Antonio is Mirabel’s cousin, and he embodies all brave youth; despite his age, he had the bravery to face his future, which he eventually did by gaining his powers with the help of Mirabel.

In the film, Isabel was portrayed as the golden child, but her feelings were the complete opposite. She felt as if she had to do everything for her family and she had no time to breathe. She only began to feel at ease when Mirabel showed her the way. Her character represents all risk-takers, achievers who want to figure things out and ask, “What else can I do?”

Luisa, Mirabel’s other sister, was treated by her family as though appearance were more important than her feelings. She eventually learnt to break free with Mirabel’s encouragement. Luisa represents the fearless young people who acknowledge their emotions even when they are under pressure.

Mirabel is the Madrigal family’s one-of-a-kind persona. Her bubbly character represents her positivity as she functions as the glue that holds her family together, even though she was treated differently since she didn’t have a gift like everyone else. She represents all of the young people who never give up on anything, just as she never gave up on saving the miracle. Mirabel represents the young people who are curious, bold, and all underdogs who, despite all challenges, do everything for love and family.


It is important to provide representation to young people, especially when it comes to discovering who you are and what you are capable of. The Madrigal family exemplifies how, whether gifted or not, everyone is unique in their own way. Their character and the way they love others empower them with the ability to protect the Miracle, which is why Casita is full of love.

Disney’s previous films, such as Moana and Elsa, broke down barriers by not presenting a traditional Prince Charming story and instead concentrating on women’s freedom and independence. The film “Encanto” also breaks the barrier of not having a bad character in one of its characters, making it more powerful because each character in the film portrays the raw views and experiences of young people.