Why Kombucha is the go-to beverage for your gut

Róisín Butler

Healthy tea kombucha with lemon and cinnamon.

Overall wellbeing has become even more pertinent for the public since the onset of the pandemic. People are on the lookout for products that will foster a healthy lifestyle more than ever.

Kombucha, a fermented tea known for its properties that benefit gut health, is a drink that has become more popular in recent years. But just what is kombucha, and why does it warrant pride of place on the weekly shopping list?

Despite its growing popularity, kombucha has been around for centuries. It is thought to have originated in China and was known for its healing properties, later reaching Russia and Eastern Europe.

It can be made with a few ingredients such as water, sugar and tea, alongside what so-called ‘booch’ lovers call a scoby; a natural mat that holds the bacteria and yeast cultures needed to make the finished product.

 Marianne O’ Donnell, a nutrition coach and kombucha brewer based in Co. Donegal, set up her business Kombucha na Dalaigh in early 2021. She believes that in the future kombucha will be appreciated from a recreational perspective as well.

“It tastes great as its effervescent and works as a great alternative to alcohol. It tastes great and it’s nutritious, what’s not to love?” O’ Donnell said.

Although it contains faint traces of alcohol, the level present in kombucha is too low to intoxicate individuals, making it an ideal choice for the teetotallers and designated drivers on a night out who are craving more sophisticated options than orange juice.

 An international study made with the collaboration of Teagasc, the agriculture and food development authority in Ireland, indicates that fermented or preserved foods help enrich our intestines with potential probiotics, therefore benefiting our digestive health.

In addition to its impact on gut health, kombucha can help restore energy levels, something O’ Donnell can attests to:

“My son recently ran a marathon and I gave him a few swigs of kombucha on route. It really gave him that extra bit of energy he needed.”

 Kombucha na Dalaigh is currently stocked in over 10 locations across Donegal and Derry and comes in four delectable flavours.

O’ Donnell recommends the aptly named Sláinte, which is made up of ginger, turmeric and honey, for those seeking the ultimate health trip.

Kombucha na Dalaigh’s products are available on Instagram @kombuchanadalaigh

Róisín Butler

Image Credit: iStock