Moby Move joins Dublin City Council cargobike scheme.

Louise Hickey

The electric bike hiring company Moby Move, based in DCU, has joined Dublin City Council’s pilot to get businesses to begin using bikes.

The scheme is available for businesses based in Dublin, and they must be able to use the e-cargobikes for business purposes. The pilot involves giving bikes to companies at a discounted rate, to reduce the number of trips made by vehicles. There will be a monthly charge of €100. Moby Move described the scheme to be “just effortless urban mobility”.

Usually, a pay-as-you-go user for Moby Move would be charged €3 for up to 30 minutes of cycling. A one-month plan is €150, with an extra €100 refundable deposit. The 36V Samsung battery can achieve up to 70km on a full charge and the bike can travel at the legal speed of 25 km/hr.

The cargobike scheme began in September 2021, in collaboration with the bike-sharing operator ‘Bleeper’. It was influenced by a smaller scheme already operating in Dún Laoghaire.

Many advantages come from the plan. Dublin City Council promotes the advantages of such form of transport, not only as environmentally efficient but also for the general mood of staff members, not needing to look for parking places and not needing a full license to avail of the service. Deliveries can be made simpler during rush hour, as bikes can move between traffic a lot quicker. It also avoids wait times for public transport.

2022 brings many plans for the movement from fuel-producing vehicles to more eco-friendly ways to travel. The government’s climate action plan involves €240 million being dedicated to walking and cycling infrastructure. €63.5 million is being put toward greenways and overall 500kms worth of walking and cycling infrastructure being added to the greater Dublin area between 2022 and 2025.