The College View joins the Media Production Society

Matthew Joyce

It has been confirmed that The College View, DCU’s student newspaper, will become a new part of the Media Production Society.

The amalgamation was signed off during an EGM of the Society in late January.

MPS Chairperson Sarah McGuinness told The College View that she is “livid” that she would not be able to see the amalgamation come to fruition next year, as she is in her final year.

“As a result of the amalgamation, MPS is now the home of all media in DCU,” McGuinness said, adding that it will “bring a broader calibre of members” to the Society.

McGuinness also confirmed that The College View will still operate as a separate entity within the Society, but still play a part in decision making during AGMs and EGMs.

During the EGM, a motion was passed to rewrite parts of the Society’s Constitution to include The College View’s Editor-in-Chief as part of the Society Committee.

The process of hiring an Editor-in-Chief, along with other editorial roles, will still include vetting and interviewing by the previous Editor-in-Chief, as before.

The Media Production Society has existed in DCU for 36 years, meaning it is one of DCU’s longest-running societies.

Within the Society, there is an independent radio station, DCUfm, a television/video channel, DCUtv, and the MPS Blog.

The Society is best known for it’s 24-hour Broadcast, usually held every December. In the most recent edition, they raised over €11,000 for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Matthew Joyce