Joy, tears, and a few nods.

Louise Hickey

At 9:45 last night, Nubar was buzzing! Candidates worked so hard for this day and nerves were high.

The minimum number of votes for an election to go ahead lies at 1,953 overall votes. On the night the recorded number of votes was 2,770.

Although celebrations were high, it’s important to note the unsuccess the night brought. Tears were spread of both joys and upset that same night.

The results:

The part-time positions were first announced. Societies officer was the first elected as Orlaith Onoh, receiving 904 votes. This was quickly followed by the election for clubs’ officer, which was won by Emma Monahon.

Orlaith told The College View that clubs and socs officers happily want to work together for the year. “We want to do lots of collabs with clubs and socs this year, we live together so we know how to communicate well with one another. Exciting things to come!”.

Next Ava Kilroy received over the quota of votes, standing at 220 votes for business faculty rep. She announced that she was “so excited to get started next year and work with the SU team”.

The only candidate for engineering and computing faculty rep- Daniel Kelly was elected straight away receiving over the quota of votes at 242 votes. Adam Daly also immediately reached over the quota for science and health faculty rep at 377 votes.

Out of a total valid poll of 545 votes, Glen Scanlon Tims received 438 votes. He told The College View “I want to thank everyone who voted for me and trusts me to be back again”.

Moving on to full-time positions, there was a total poll of 1,548 votes for community and citizenship. Nathan Murphy got elected on the first count receiving 1,408 votes of these votes. For the VP for academic life, the only candidate, Eoin Crossen got elected at 1513 votes.

Our new vice president for diversity and conclusion- Christine O Mahony was watching live from home. Her campaigning on the day of elections was run by her team, as she stayed at home for the safety of others. Out of the total poll for 1,543 votes, Christine received 1,361 of these votes.

The election for vice president for wellbeing was extremely contested this year- with four candidates running. Sarah Behan received 320 votes, followed by Ronan Burke at 521 votes, followed by runner-up Ryan Doyle at 1,438 votes. Collette Murphy was elected at 1,532 votes.

The position of president was what we were all waiting for. There was a total valid poll of 2,936 votes. Thomas O’Dowd was lifted into the air at 2,662 votes. There were plenty of nods for Tod as he made his speech.

He congratulated all the candidates who put themselves forward. “It’s really not easy and the work that all of us have put in over the past number of weeks, not just the campaigning, there’s a lot that goes on behind the doors. It’s been great. It’s been great meeting so many new people… to everyone who came out and voted, we’re all here for the same reason, to improve the experience we have in DCU” said our new SU president Thomas O’Dowd.

Results will be posted on loop later today.

Our new part-time committee: Orlaith Onoh- society officer, Emma Monahon- clubs officer, Glen Scanlon Tims- humanities and social sciences, Ava Kilroy- Business, Daniel Kelly- Engineering and computing, Science and health- Adam Daly, Postgraduate officer- Muhammad Saeed.

Our new full-time committee- Eoin Crossen- VP Academic Life, Nathan Murphy- Community and Citizenship, Christine O’Mahony- Diversity & Inclusion, Collette Murphy- Wellbeing.

President- Thomas O’Dowd.