Skincare: Why routine and consistency is key

Kelly Carty

Face cream, serum, lotion, moisturizer and sea salt among bamboo leaves in the bath

Skin contains healing properties just like the rest of our body. Combined with food, skincare is a major component to replenishing the skin to look its healthiest.

Before determining what products to use, you need to discover your skin type. Normal skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin and dry skin are the five skin types identified by dermatologists.

Your routine will depend on the type of skin you have. People with dry skin for example, can benefit from moisturising daily. Once the skin type is determined, you can commit to a routine that targets your skin’s specific needs.

Becoming a popular topic of discussion, celebrity Cameron Diaz recently stated on the Rule Breakers podcast that she rarely cleanses her face, despite struggling with her skin most of her life. Diaz stated to Michelle Visage on the podcast, “I literally do nothing.”

Despite having multiple products, Diaz does not consume her energy and time on skincare, stating, “I use them like twice a month, if I’m lucky.” According to Diaz, mental health and empowering womanhood is much more important in her life, particularly as she enters her 50s: “For me I just really want to stay strong, that’s really important. I do feel like 50 is different than 40.”

Diaz’s remarks certainly raised some eyebrows in the dermatology community, as almost without exception, skincare experts and dermatologists preach about the importance of consistency and routine in all skincare regimes.

For example, good skincare begins with SPF according to Jennifer Rock, founder of Skin Nerd. It promotes anti-ageing, stops pigmentation, and protects us from sun damage which may form skin cancer. This is why Rock sees this as the number one method of skincare.

Following this, cleansing away the impurities is the second method to a good skincare routine. Desquamation is a procedure that removes all of the old, damaged, and dead skin cells and replaces them with new, healthy ones.

Double cleansing is becoming a more common method by many skin experts and dermatologists. It helps to remove any debris that has accumulated throughout the day. An example of a cleanser recommended by Rock is Biofresh for dehydrated skin or Galinee for oily or normal skin types. She recommends a soothing cleanser first followed by exfoliating cleanser afterwards.

In relation to adding moisture to the skin, Rock believes serum combines better hydration than a moisturiser. She states a serum has a thinner consistency which deepens into the skin and hydrates at a lower level.

In comparison to a moisturiser, which has a thick consistency and sits on top of the skin and conditions the uppermost layers rather than hydrate lower down. Vitamin A serum is the best place to start according to Rock.

To complete your routine, masks, eye creams and spot treatments are the last step.

Having a daily skincare routine will not only keep your skin looking healthy and younger, but it will also enhance your self-confidence. As your skin improves, you will boast a beautiful glow both inside and out.

Kelly Carty

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