The new and old British Prime Ministers are too similar

Louise Hickey

Boris Johnson’s resignation after three years of being prime minister saw his successor Liz Truss take matters into her hands.

The new prime minister displays a dream to the public. As Britain faces a cold and dark winter, Truss promises warmth and light. 

Boris’ political stance was untrustworthy. His partying on Downing Street during covid-19 protocols, whilst promoting the public to stay inside speaks for itself. 

The stepping back of other government members because of his activities as prime minister is also enough to tell you what kind of leader he was. 

His conservative way of dealing with issues blinded him from certain concerns in society. There was a need for change in Britain. Much of the public were happy to see him step away from his role.

However, the appointment of somebody who shares exactly the same political ideas was not the best move. 

Truss won the Tory leadership contest, with conservatives being the only ones to vote. Truss defeated former chancellor Rishi Sunak by securing 81,326 votes as opposed to his 60,399 votes.

On being elected, she pledged to “govern as conservative” just like Boris, whilst commending the former prime minister’s work. 

“Boris, you got Brexit done, you crushed Jeremy Corbyn, you rolled out the vaccine, and you stood up to Vladimir Putin”, Truss spoke of Brois as though he were a role model, addin that “I know our beliefs resonate with the British people”.

Truss has taken over at a very tough time, amid an inflation crisis, at the end of a pandemic and at the beginning of Brexit. It’s not going to be easy. 

A fresh face for Britain provides fresh and positive ideas, but is there really much change? No. Truss had promised that within one week of being elected that she would have a solution to deal with the large energy crisis looming over Britain. 

Everything the public wants to hear has been promised. She wants to lower taxes, lower spending, spend more on defence, care homes and the NHS. She made a vague promise to improve the NI protocol. 

The working class are left in fear. After 12 years of a Tory government, Truss needs to realise the problem with her ideas and her party’s lack of consideration for members of society who are suffering. With such opposition for Boris Johnsons, to the point where he had to step down should be enough to show her that the public want change. 

It’s a time where the country should be working together to put the public at the forefront. Truss seems to be happier promoting amazing and impossible ideas as a form of boosting her popularity. She should be reaching out to her oppositions during this time. 

Louise Hickey

Image Credit: Getty Images