The Sausage Roll Epidemic

Kitty Leydon

After a heavy night of watery vodka or a flat pint of Heineken, the last thing on your mind when you are sprawling yourself out of bed for that 9 a.m. lecture is preparing a nutritious breakfast. So, the bond between students and sausage rolls from Londis is born. Something about munching on the light pastry as you doss over to the Henry Grattan is soul-reviving when you need it most. A quick fix, a pick-me-up, or just a simple munch. The Londis sausage comes in clutch.

However, you can’t deny the recent rise in prices has become quite evident in every sector of life, from paying twenty-two euros for a Dicey’s ticket (that’s a story for another day) to the corruption of the beloved sausage roll. We will miss the days where a few coins rustling around in the bottom of the tote bag secured the payment for breakfast. As we see the effects of the increased prices throughout the shop, there is something sentimental, even emotional, about this loss. Will society be able to cope with this new hit? What’s next? Will friends start asking to revolut each other for a bit of flavoured pastry? Who will face the embarrassment of their card being declined for a humble sausage roll, unknowing of the recent rise in prices?

Perhaps we can’t fault Londis entirely; their decent folks might not always be smiling from ear to ear, but the occasional grunt to move forward in the line always seems with the best intentions. Maybe a simple sit down between Londis and the students could happen. They promise to revert to the original sausage roll prices and we, the students of DCU, promise to stop robbing paper cups from the coffee machine for pre drinks. We have just left one pandemic behind us, but I fear we might be on the brink of our own on DCU campus, with a much greater battle ahead. The sausage roll epidemic.