Is the new digital stamp announced by An Post really needed?

Jack Redmond

An Post have attempted to rework the convenience of sending a letter or envelope by introducing a digital stamp service, that can only be purchased through the established company app.

This digital stamp auxiliary will exclusively provide next working day delivery, and the added assurance by sending an email or text notification to the customer to confirm when the envelope or letter has been delivered to the intended address.

While An Post are not replacing the traditional and visually pleasing postal stamp, customers who choose the digital stamp, will receive a 12 digit code comprised of numbers and letters to write on the envelope.

An Post explain that each digital stamp has twelve different numbers or letters on it to make it unique.”

It is important to first highlight the price difference. For a traditional stamp the price is currently €1.25, while the new digital stamp is €2.00.

The digital stamp costing slightly more may have some customers frustrated or put off, but the price difference is merely a service premium for the included digital benefits of next working day delivery and an instant notification when the mail has been delivered.  

The main issue with this digital stamp introduction is the recognised need for more accurate, modern and convenient services provided by An Post currently. With such civic efforts and improvements being exerted exclusively into facilitating faster and expedient envelope delivery, An Post have not yet made the digital stamp service available for posting packages or larger items.  

Evidently posting an envelope (with either a digital or traditional stamp) is easier then shipping a package.

However, the mistake An Post have made is digitally upgrading their customary postal service for merely envelope or letter sending, and not further improving upon the already digital and innovative existence of e-commerce that has greatly added to the postal industry through online shopping and delivery services.      

The introduction of a digital stamp and all the added conveniences for simply envelope posting is presently why the practice conceivably emerges as a menial option and not one of any foreseeable modernity or collaborative eagerness.

The digital stamp is merely a minor addition to the postal system and a slight shakeup of tradition – something to gravitate the already flying publicity.

But one can only remain hopeful An Post provide a similar service to posting packages and larger items, and continue to modernise all classifications of domestic deliveries that fall within their shipping range in the future.

Jack Redmond

Image Credit:  Getty Images