Scary Movie Season

Temi Idowu

Spooky season is here! Halloween is quickly approaching and Halloween wouldn’t be halloween without the movies that come with it! I’m sure many of us have memories of dressing up, grabbing some popcorn and candy, starting a fire and putting on a scary movie to watch either by yourself or with friends and family. One of the staples of Halloween alongside the costume and candy are the movies from something goofy and fun like “Beetlejuice” or “Hocus pocus” to something a lot more terrifying like “Scream” or “The Shining” . Halloween is made a lot more fun by the movies. Here are some that you could watch with your friends for this season.

If you want a more classic Halloween movie there are many to choose from. “Halloween” The movie is named after the holiday itself. Has inspired a lot of costumes based on the iconic Micheal Myers, it is a classic slasher and it is sure to give you a bit of a scare. Or if you’re looking for something more campy there is “The Rocky Horror Picture show” A halloween musical with aliens, Tim Curry and a fun retro vibe to it. 

Although most Halloween movies have an element of horror to them it is safe to say there are some that are scarier than the others. For example the Stanley Kubrick classic “The Shining” with Jumpscares scenes like the “here’s johnny” one that will keep you on your toes the entire movie. “The Exorcist” follows the possession of a little and will keep you up at night and then there’s “Carrie” one of the most iconic and creepiest teen movies with gory shots and scenes that will stay with you long after.

There are more family friendly Halloween movies, Like “The addams family” following one of the most beloved families in cinema. And of course “Caroline”  with spooky visuals and amazing animation drawing you into the creepy world of the adventurous Caroline. There are also much newer movies that have come out quite recently. “Hocus pocus 2” being one of them, The Sanders sisters return to Salem with their wacky hijinks returning as well. There is also “Smile” one of the creepier new releases that has many people unable to finish the movie.

There are also many film events happening around Dublin for all your spooky viewing needs. The Stella in Rathmines are hosting many screenings of some of your favourite halloween movies and in Leopardstown you could catch the Retro Drive in for a 80s feel.There is also a hocus pocus brunch in Nolita. 

All in all make sure you’re having fun and giving yourself a friendly little scare. Happy Halloween!!