With Jews his Latest Target, is Kanye Okay?

Brandon Perry

The ever-controversial Kanye West has once again reared his head into the spotlight to give us insight into his unique mind. It is hard to know where exactly to start when discussing West’s current series of controversies, as he appears to be in the midst of one long public breakdown and cry for attention since his divorce earlier this year.

The beginning of the current arc of controversy began on October 3rd at a fashion show in Paris where West, alongside friend and conservative political commentator Candace Owens, were pictured wearing shirts with “WHITE LIVES MATTER” written across the back, described by the ADL as a white supremacist slogan.

The relatively minor controversy spun out of control soon after as West took to Instagram to share texts sent to him by fellow rapper and businessman Diddy. West rejected and denounced Diddy’s criticism and attempts to reach out and help, claiming he was working at the behest of Jews against Kanye. These comments led to West being banned from Instagram.

Following this ban he returned to Twitter seeking refuge, only to repeat the same mistakes. Within only a day of returning to Twitter West was banned for Tweeting “when I wake up I’m going death con 3  On JEWISH PEOPLE” and appearing to have fully gone off the deep end of antisemitism.

A few days later West appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight for a two-part interview, with many expecting him to clear the air on these controversial remarks; however, in typical Kanye fashion he only got himself in more trouble.

In the interview West made a series of outlandish claims including that his ex-wife had planted fake children in his house to prevent him seeing his own, that abortion was devised for eugenics against black people and comparable to the Holocaust, endorsing the Black Israelite movement who believes black people are the true descendants of Biblical Jews, as well as weighing in on fashion industry drama, his opposition to body positivity, and declaring his intention to run for President again.

The drama hasn’t stopped, with an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast only further showcasing West’s newfound antisemitism; with West claiming the Jewish/Zionist media, who he claims invented cancel culture, are persecuting and censoring him for telling the truth.

While in isolation the past two weeks of Kanye West’s life seem to be an almost comical due to the absurdness of his actions and claims, what lies below the surface is not so entertaining. West has been public about his unmedicated bipolar disorder for years now and has become increasingly erratic due to it.

Antisemitism is only part of a long line of cries for attention from a damaged man falling apart in front of our eyes. One hopes for the sake of Kanye and all those around him that he can receive the support he needs before it’s too late.

Brandon Perry

Image Credit: Evan Agostini / Envision / Associated Press