Christmas all year round

Dana Al Qattan

Every single person in the world loves Christmas, it’s the happiest holiday of the year. One wonders why we cannot celebrate it all the time. It’s the perfect chance to keep up with family arguments and settle the score on the psychological warfare that takes place at the dining room table (Best hide the turkey legs, we don’t want it to get too ugly).

It is a perfect time to drink the special “hot cherry juice” so you can enjoy the hallucinatory imagery of pink elephants flying. Due to the holiday being loved ever so much, we bring out the Christmas decorations and it’s ever so sweet fairy lights at the same time as it’s black sheep cousin, Halloween. It’s a perfect Yin Yang situation, we mix joy with horror, the pretty with the nasty, a drunk time with an even drunker time. It’s the perfect combination.

Some might argue that it confuses one to have such a holiday pushed on oneself so early and at the same time another holiday is in process. They believe it is like picking a parent during a custody battle. But why must one choose, we should enjoy all the holidays at the same time. Perhaps next year we should start as early as July, where we can have fireworks with prop reindeers attached to them to make it look like Reindeers are riding Santa’s sleigh in the sky. Rather innovative, if I do say so myself. Let’s not forget the potential it has with Easter, we can hang painted eggs on the Christmas tree then use those same eggs to throw onto people’s houses for not handing out the right sweets for trick or treating. We should basically just have Christmas wherever we go, Christmas sweaters all year round especially during a summer heat wave. One must never lose their Christmas spirit.